Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On top of all the stress and weight we’ve all been carrying, one of our senior barbers, Shaun, learned that his partner was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Though many of us are aware of the awfulness that is cancer, many of us at Glassbox hadn’t had to deal with it that close to home. So to hear first hand what Shaun and Caitlin were going through really had an impact on all of us.

This October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we decided to come together as a group of barbers, friends of our coworker, and representatives as Glassbox Barbershop, to offer our services to support the cause. We partnered with Breast Cancer Society of Canada to run two days of haircuts where all money collected (fees and tips) were to be donated. At the end of the 2 days, we were able to raise $4078.

All in all, a small drop in the bucket in the fight against Breast Cancer, but more importantly, we all felt the impact of Shaun and Caitlin’s situation, and hopefully were able to raise awareness to others through our event.

If reading this inspires you to contribute, our donation link is still active:
Glassbox + BCSC

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