Glassbox's team is always looking for inspiration for new looks and taking a modern approach to classics. Lately we have been going back and taking inspiration from classic rock n roll looks. Some of our favourites come from the brit-rock legends, from Paul Simonon to the Gallaghers.
Check out some of our favourite Rock looks below.


Gallagher brothers always hitting with the classic brit look, layered shad with fringe for days.


Paul Simonon has always been full of class. From the wild-bassest of the Clash, to smooth sounds of the Good Bad & the Queen. We have always loved his approach at playing bass, as well as his incredible style for over 50 years.


Damon Albarn the gentleman of brit rock. His classic take on the bed head.


Since they begin of time it seems like the Stones singer, Mick Jagger has always had that classic shag look on lock. For generations this style has been transcending and adapting.